piano moving

Tips for your piano moving

Relocating and moving your piano to your new home in Jacksonville may not be as easy as you think. You should avoid damaging the piano and hurting yourself as much as possible during this task. Below are some tips you can use to lessen the stress involved in the piano moving.

The first thing you can do is to find help. Moving a piano is a heavy and awkward due to the shape of the instrument. You will surely require some additional hands for assistance. You can ask family members,or neighbors who are physically capable of doing the job.
Next, you need the proper tools. Heavy-duty straps will provide you a better hold on your piano. It is also advisable to use the furniture dolly strong enough to support the piano. These straps may also be utilized to attach the piano to the furniture dolly. If you are not confident is using them, you can always consult a moving company or moving supply store.
Then, safeguard the keyboard cover. Keyboard keys are very delicate and require extra protection. Close and secure the keyboard cover to disable it from opening when being moved. A good decision is to maintain the piano in an upright placement. Never lay it sideways because internal components can be damaged.
Something you should do before you move the piano is to check and see where you’ll be putting it. You should contact an expert moving company like Door to Door Movers if you need to move the piano to the second or third floor or within narrow spaces. After you’re done, you will need to tune the piano as the internal components and systems may have been altered during the move.

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