Our work

Door to Door Movers is a professional moving company located in Jacksonville, FL that makes people’s relocation much easier. We established our company back in 1997, and ever since then, have helped numerous families and individuals to move house. However, we still get lots of questions about the moving service we provide. This is why we have decided to tell you more about it, here.

 Since moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful things in life, you need to have a reliable helper by your side. Even if you are a minimalist and think that moving your possessions won’t be that hard, you will still need some assistance. Not only does the appliance and furniture require two or more people to move them because your boxes of clothing and other items can get quite heavy too. In case you are currently living in Jacksonville, FL and are looking for a reliable mover who can help you with the move, you should not look any further than us.

 We, from Door to Door Movers, have not only many years of experience in this field of work but are also skilled and knowledgeable. We are able to help you pack, especially furniture pieces, and get everything down the stairs and through doors without a problem. We have a moving truck that will fit all your possessions, and we will secure them all with straps so nothing can move around during the transportation. This will help keep all your items from getting scratched or broken. Once we get to your new home, we will unload everything for you and bring it to the room where it’s supposed to be so you can settle in quicker.

 In case you have any questions about everything our moving company is able to do, you need to get in touch with us. We expect your calls at (904) 737-5565!